Monday, 6 April 2009

Doctor Who Jigsaw - #32 Romana

Let me know what you think!

lallaforthewall - online jigsaw puzzle - 126 pieces

Click on the picture to start!

Sorry, no idea of image author, found it with google image search!


coconaut said...

24:15 - tough but good photos of Lala Ward. She has a sense of humour.

Deka Black said...

29:05, but, in my defense i must say what a tiny piece was hide behind the control panel (as i once said, i must be the worst jigsaw player in all the Mutter Spiral).

Combom said...

despite this, still the best though!

Sean said...


That one was tough. Could we get a Supreme Dalek and/or Davros one sometime soon?

Rose said...

17:18. A Davros one would be awsome!