Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Uninvited (1997) DVD Report

In the Uninvited, a UK TV series from 1997, Steve Blake (Douglas Hodge), a photo-journalist, witnesses a horrific car accident where the driver is incinerated in a gigantic fireball, but the next day he finds the same man alive and well. Blake discovers this is not the only case of death and resurrection - and all are investigated by chief Superintendent Philip Gates (Leslie Grantham) and all are somehow linked to the drowned Norfolk village of Sweethope.

Sweethope slid into the sea five years ago, but there was no loss of life, one of the villagers becomes a Chief Superintendent and is put in charge of several cases where prominent individuals are killed but are then resurrected. Blake and his ex-wife Joanna stumble across something far more sinister than miracles and become convinced that the Sweethope survivors are taking over the country in an alien invasion, as Blake finds himself involved in a global conspiracy too terrible to consider, and possibly too powerful to stop.

The Uninvited is a tense drama that races from intriguing mystery to gripping sci-fi thriller, and as I'd never seen it before I was very impressed by the tense storyline, I almost guessed the ending, but not quite! Its over 3 hours long, and although not full blown sci-fi like Doctor Who, its certainly a great story!

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