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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Doctor Who Of The Day - Martha Jones Marrage

In Torchwood Children Of Earth we learn that Martha Jones was on her Honeymoon with Tom Milligan.


Peter said...

Actually we only learnt she was on her honeymoon, we didn't learn with whom. It probably was Tom but you never know

Lucille7777 said...

This should make the crazy Rose fans extremely happy. Now Martha is no longer a threat to get back together with the Doctor. The harder the Doctor tried to act like he didn't love Martha, the more unbelivable he was; yet it seems like the powers that be have sided with the Rose clan...pity.

carly21 said...

Sounds more like you are a crazy Martha fan ;)
The Doctor never even looked at her. That was what Season 3 was all about... the Doctor missing Rose and Martha's unrequited love.

Steve said...

Denial is not just a river in Egypt - the Doctor said in "Partners in Crime", the first episode of Series 4, that his relationship with Martha Jones became "complicated" and that he wanted a "mate". Lucille7777 is right, the Doctor had a serious "Jones" for Martha.