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Friday, 13 November 2009

Report Of The Temple of Peace Doctor Who Filming (12-11-09)

Here is a report of The Temple of Peace Doctor Who filming on Thursday 12th November, over to Jon Preddle;

Euros Lyn and Sophie Okonedo both turned up at the filming at the Temple of Peace yesterday. If I overheard correcty, he is directing the next or an upcoming episode, which - again if I overheard correctly - is episode 2! I heard him also mention he was to do Christmas, but it's possible he was only referring to the upcoming Tennant specials...???

I got a bit of a glimpse but no photo of the "hidden by umbrella" man - I won't spoil it, but it's a pretty decent make-up job! :-P

This is episodes 8/9, and the creatures are indeed the S**u*i**s. Tonight's filming in Swansea is for the same set of episodes.

Danny Hargreaves was seen test-firing a trumpet-shaped weapon.

One of the guys from the Mill - Dave Houghton? - was carrying one of those large reflective silver balls used for CGI lighting references.

Arthur Darvill's character is called Rory. The boy is Elliot. Meera Sayel character sounded like Nasrin?

The cast and crew all have directors chairs to sit in - they have a blue canvas covering, emblazoned with the letters DW!

The filming tonight (in Swansea) is the final location filming for this year - they are in studio for the remainder of 2009, with a two week break over Christmas. It won't be till early 2010 that they will be seen out and about again - or at least that was what I was told by the crew I chatted with! (If Lyn is indeed directing episode 2, the rumoured inside the TARDIS story, it has probably been held over this late in the production run because they’ve (a) waited for the new set to be built, (b) awaited for the Blue Peter design a console competition to be judged, (c) there’s no location, and they can stay out of the rain for several weeks.

After wrapping at 4pm, the crew began to clear up and remove the set decoration. I got a good look through the doorway into the central hall, and saw what appeared to be a chamber decorated with symmetrical wooden relief with an almost vein-like pattern, several large free standing columns topped with what appeared to be cone-like lighting fixtures. There were at least two central control consoles (or altar blocks?) in the centre.

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Grant said...

What was Sophie Okonedo doing there?

Rene said...

Oh yeah, we SO can't tell what that name is that's censored. ;)