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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Doctor Who 507 Amys Choice TARDIS Info

(Click for Larger Image)

The only problem with making notes while you watch is you miss things, like this - When the Doctor was getting parts for this food mixer generator, he opened a cabinet, look whats written on the outside. I have made the image clearer to view BTW!

Apparently the TARDIS has a build-date of 1963 :)

Thanx to PCJonathan for the HD framegrab and Ash for the heads-up!

Additional - it says;
Time and Relative Dimension In Space.
Build site: Gallifrey black hole shipyard.
Type 40, build date 1963.
Authorised for use by the Shadow Proclamation for qualified Time Lords only.
Misuse or theft of any Tardis will result in extreme penalties and possible exile



Deka Black said...

Yeah! ;D But.. is 1963 Earth Time... or Gallifrey (o know i know, is a nod to the birth of the series, but i can't stop thinking about things like these!)

hammard said...

Hmmm, why is its use authorised by the Shadow Proclamation?
If we are to believe Gary Russell's Fugitive then the Shadow Proclamation were only set up by the time lords in case they lost the time war...

Metah-4 Genome said...

LOL!! Funny cuz didn't the Doctor steal the TARDIS...LMAO ..I'm sorry "borrow"?

JP said...

Why yes The Doctor did *ahem* borrow this TARDIS. He also is guilty is GROSS Misuse of said TARDIS when he locked not only the DARLEKS but also the Time Lords in the time bubble to end the Time Wars. Tsk Tsk Tsk Doctor good thing you trapped the only people who could prosecute you away!

richardwatts said...

(Actually, it says 'Time And Relative Dimension In Space' ie dimension singular, not plural.)

The Moff does love inserting these little nods and jokes for long-term fans of the show, doesn't he?

Combom said...

thanx, fixed!