Thursday, 8 July 2010

Collecting Original Doctor Who DVDs On The Cheap

I collect DVDs, I have well over 3,000 of them. As you can probably guess I collect Doctor Who DVDs too, but I never buy any at full price, here is how I save money.

Car boots are always the first port of call, however I have only ever got one Doctor Who title from here (although 1000s of other DVDs!). The best place in the UK ATM seems to be here, open an account and create your wants list, when the title you want is at or below the price you have entered, you get email with a link, and all the main UK DVD retailers are included in the search, so its not fake, and they don't spam you with other rubbish!

When a new DVD title is released it can be pretty pricey, take the new Cyberman double, here, its just short of £30, but in about 9 months (or so) you will find it at about £10, which is when I buy. From a online shop I pay no more the £6 for a new Doctor Who DVD, including postage, £10 for a double title pack etc. You can get some really silly priced deals if you look for them!

Feel free to add DVD searches for other countries etc. as comments :)


James said...

I agree entirely Combom. I use the same system! Am still waiting for MAsque of Mandragora and Creature From The Pit to drop below 12 quid >:-(

Combom said...

me too :) and they will!

The Bradford Curse aka The Snappy Sneezer said...

I am behind about 2 1/2 years in releases from the US, I have more than 4000 but less than 5000 though that is including multi disc sets by disc not title and some taped tranfers. Here is my collection from dvdaf:

Combom said...

thats a big collection, too many i wouldnt ever want to watch tho :)

The Bradford Curse aka The Snappy Sneezer said...

That's alright. I do wonder what you wouldn't though I must say I inherited some from my parents though it is mostly me. Wouldn't sell any, I have my own classic TV and film station there. IF I ever get money to start getting stuff again Doctor Who is my number one priority on DVD followed by hunting down missed Walt Disney Treasures, Vol 4 of Donald Duck.