Saturday, 7 August 2010

76 Totter's Lane — Doctor Who Oddity: iDoctor Who

If you've ever felt that your iPod or iPhone has been lacking a certain Doctor Who quality, then here is the solution to your . Recent Sonic Screwdriver apps have been annoyingly pathetic, offering a choice between poor quality and something that looks like it came out of a cartoon. Well, admittedly, this does look like it came out of a cartoon as well, but only in a cheery sort of way. "iDoctor Who — Pocket Edition" works by selecting your Doctor, a choice between three cleverly drawn versions of the Fourth, Ninth, and Tenth Doctors, and "professionally recorded impersonations" of them speak a combined total of 60 famous lines. This basically means that some guy with modulating software was holed up in his bedroom and screeching out lines from Genesis of the Daleks while his mum wondered why he never got a girlfriend or moved out of the house in thirty years. Too harsh?

But iDoctor Who's primary feature offers pieces of possible sonic screwdrivers — the top, middle, and bottom — that you combine to make your own unique screwdriver. Developer Keith Curtis claims this to be a full total of 216 combinations (see the one to the right), but it really does not matter. The designs are simply too childish to be enjoyable for any adult, though kids will have fun just making the screwdriver and "sonicking" everyone in sight. Still, make sure to read the comments before you decide to spend $0.99 on this app; the screwdrivers are nice, but some commenters are indicating that it's not enough for a dollar. With any luck there will be vast updates, and we can expect greater progress to be made.

Source, and thanks go out to Me for finding this. :)


Combom said...

imho this may make average freeware, but asking ppl to pay - the author wont be retiring a millionaire in the near future :)

mujie said...

Much cheaper in the UK, possibly. Only 59p.

Combom said...

IMHO still not worth it :)

10thPlanet said...

It's the same value, really. 59p is about $1. Well, 90 cents, but whatever. >.>

I do think that it's better than some of the other sonic apps out there, but I have to agree with Combom. Not worth it.