Thursday, 7 April 2011

Doctor Who's Most Famous Monsters Are NOT Set for Series 6 Return

I can rid the whole universe of you—once . . . and for all!
Early recipients of Doctor Who Magazine's latest issue have reported one terribly interesting piece of non-spoiler news. Many hard-line Whovians will be delighted to know that, for once, there are no plans to bring back the Daleks in Series 6, other than a possible finale cameo.

This comes from a poster on Gallifrey Base.
In this month's DWM, Moff has said [the Daleks] will not be back this year, but obviously will be sometime in the future, but would not commit to when. He said (quite rightly) that they need an epic way to come back as they have been defeated so many times.
And forget those rumours that the BBC has somehow made a deal with Terry Nations estate requiring regular appearances from the Daleks. 
He also mentioned that Doctor Who were not tied to any contract with BBC Worldwide as to when and how and the Daleks appear.
With any luck for fans, this suggests that Moffat feels no obligation to generate excitement for this series by throwing back to old ideas—unlike that time he used the Weeping Angels . . . and the Silurians . . . and the Ark in Space exodus . . .


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clever deception

liminalD said...

Thank you, Steven Moffat... as someone who actually LIKES the Daleks, I'll glady concede that getting rid of them for a while is the best thing you could do for them. They've been WAAAY overused this last few years :)