Monday, 4 April 2011

John Alderton In Doctor Who?

I went to see an old neighbour in hospital yesterday afternoon, he knows I am a Doctor Who fan and he asked about the blog, then went on to tell me this interesting story...

John Alderton was born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire (my original home town) but grew up in Hull, my friend Tom grew up with John Alderton in Hull and was his friend, but hasn't seen him for many years, he recalls going for a drink with him in Gainsborough at the Jack and Jill pub in the 1980s, and remembers this story from the 1970s he told him, as Tom was always a Doctor Who fan, and is sure he has seen every episode on its original transmission!

I have filled in some facts, based on what Tom has told me - In late 1973 (after John Alderton appeared in Upstairs Downstairs), and after Tom had seen a Dalek story on TV (Planet of the Daleks), John Alderton was approached by someone he knew called David (probably director David Maloney) looking for someone to play a currently unnamed navy Doctor, who was to be a bit of a buffoon (Toms words), and hopefully become a semi-regular character.

John Alderton said he never turned it down, but it was only a chat, and told David he'd think about it. The part eventually became Harry Sullivan and was played by the late Ian Marter, John Alderton heard nothing more about the part.

Its certainly an interesting story, and I can see John in the part, but I think it went to the right actor.

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