Sunday, 29 May 2011

Doctor Who 606 The Almost People Overnight Ratings

5.0 million viewers watched episode six of Doctor Who: The Almost People, according to unofficial overnight figures, it attracted 24.4% of the overnight audience.

Although the rating is the lowest overnight figure of the series so far, it was still the second most-watched programme of the day, a million viewers ahead of third placed Casualty. The most-watched programme was UEFA Champions League Final: Barcelona v Manchester United on ITV1 with 7.9 million watching.

Doctor Who rated higher than the Football during the period they were on together, although the overnight share was down on previous weeks. Ratings across the day are down, with many families away from home at the start the half term holiday. Final figures, including those who record the programme and watch it later, will be available next Sunday.

Doctor Who currently stands as the 27th most watched programme of the week.



Joshua said...

Sylvester McCoy's series had better ratings than this, and we know that McCoy's era although good was watched by few.

Combom said...

its a different game now tho, 20million viewer things now have 5million.

Blink said...

@Joshua - These are only overnight ratings, they usually increase by around 2 million so the final result will be closer to 7 million.

Also, 5 million was high for McCoy's era. Many episodes only got in the 3 million range for McCoy's final series.

Rebecca said...

McCoy-era Who was back in the days when there were only 4 TV channels. 5m for prime time TV back then was low. These days it's completely different with hundreds of channels, the internet, iplayer, etc. 5-6m overnights these days is good news. Over the last 10 years alone all 5 terrestrial channels have generally lost 20%+ of their live audience share. Many people also watch TV time-shifted or on iplayer so overnights aren't the total story.