Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Picking The Bones From Next Weeks TV Magazines Doctor Who 606 The Almost People

Perhaps the BBC don't have as much faith in Doctor Who 606 The Almost People as they should, it dosen't have a lot of coverage in the TV magazines, the released promotional images are not very exciting to say the least, plus there are no white background studio shots either. Perhaps they knew some after last weeks performance, which did please some, but left others feeling let down?

- The factory starts to crumble, and fills with toxic fumes.
- A very scary monster is talked about.
- Jennifer turns on Rory.
- Questions can be raised about the motivations of the Doctors ganger.
- The Doctor knows something about Amy and is keeping it a secret.
- It ends on a stupendously shocking cliffhanger that may shock some viewers and catapults us into 607.
- Its quoted as the ending to end all endings.

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Scorpio said...

Have a feeling the clone (Ganger) doctor will be the one in the Tardis at the end of the episode. Either that or Amy will be kidnapped straight away at the end ready for the next episode...