Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Picking the Bones Out of Next Weeks TV Magazines Doctor Who 607 A Good Man Goes To War

A summary of the magazines scanned today:
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So what is new or confirmed, theres a lot here and a lot of spoilers, so you may not want to read on;

- Something happens with the birth that changes Amy in a big way,
- Its a girl, Amy names her Melody,
- Amy is imprisoned in a Military Space Station, its an Asteroid called Demons Run,
- Madame Kovorian controls an army, who are guarding Amy,
- The Headless Monks seem to want the baby, they carry light-sabre type weapons,
- Lots of questions get answered, which tie up open story lines,
- The Sontarans, Cyberman and Silurians are the Doctors allies,
- They assist The Doctor and Rory to rescue Amy and Melody,
- River Song is reluctant to help,
- We learn the truth about River Song, Gillian says she didn't see this coming,
- The Battle of Demons Run is the Doctors darkest hour,
- A Carefully concealed trap for the Doctor,
- The return of Dorium Maldavar, from series 5,
- Other characters include Madame Vastra and Lorna Bucket,
- Goodbye forever from River Song,
- A cliffhanger that will leave viewers cowering behind the sofa, a huge revelation,
- And it does look like 608 is called Lets Kill Hitler,

And about Doctor Who in general;
- Were bringing the cliffhanger back in force - Steven Moffat.

I haven't posted a lot of other sites 10 THINGS this time, as most of them are in here :)


TheMarkJoe said...

Seriously? for reals? cereal?

Let's Kill Hitler? =/

Mark said...

"Let's Kill Hitler" is a TERRIBLE title. Oh well.

Anxious to see how the Doctor, the Cybermen, and the Sontarans end up on the same side. Silurians makes a bit more sense. Notice no mention of Jenny in the spoilers, but there is that bit about tying up open storylines.

TheMarkJoe said...

I am really holding out hope that title is a massive fake out, maybe it would work in 1941 when EVERY piece of fiction was somehow turned into defeating the Nazis, but I just can't imagine that post credits drum beat and text saying

'Doctor Who will return in the Autumn with "Let's Kill Hitler"'

Sounds like a title for a propaganda film to inspire Britain's kids. A bunch of ten year olds get together in a garden shed and plan to invade Germany and assassinate the evil man. Then at the end a kindly old general happens upon the scene and congratulates them on their ingenuity, bravery and commitment to the war effort but reassures them enough is being done in morale terms from their end as their mothers are servicing four or five American soldiers a night.

Combom said...

LETS KILL HITLER is a better title than WAR OF THE GERMANS, but still sucky

Pseudo said...

I always thought that "The Thousand Year Empire" would make a good title for a Nazi episode.