Saturday, 14 May 2011

"Torchwood: Miracle Day" Completes Filming, Promises Upcoming Trailers and Information

The official Twitter for the Torchwood production office has announced the end of primary shooting.
That's a WRAP on John, Eve, Mekhi, Alexa, Bill, and Lauren! 2nd Unit night shoots then... until next season. Cross your fingers! 
Thank you everyone it's been an honor. The end of [M]ay will bring more trailers and information, and for the record we loved Ianto too!
The production's Twitter account will continue updating its followers about post-production and the promotions that follow over the next few months. Torchwood: Miracle Day arrives in the US on July 8th.


MrGrumpy said...

Note how few spoilers we have because it was filmed mostly 'over there'.
In many respects, this is a Good Thing.

Off topic, but following on..
Speculation and discussion I enjoy.
Trying to do that while people leap out of the bushes saying 'wow: I wasnt expecting Rory to have been a Zygon!' is very hard work.

Thankfully following the Moffmeister's recent opinioning, spoliers are getting hidden behind 'click here' and similar. This is also a Good Thing.
I have managed to go the whole week without getting too spoiled.
I know theres patchwork people, a Time Lord, a mad woman, a green eyed Ood (no reason for the green eyes.. 99.9% of Ood do not glow in the dark, but nearly all the ones we see manage it during the episode), 3 TARDISs and some great special effects.
Bring it on!

10thPlanet said...

The only thing I heard from that comment:

RORY'S A ZYGON!? This is big news! Hoorah for spoilers!

Lucille7777 said...

I agree with you 10thPlanet, "Hooray for Spoilers!!!