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Monday, 25 July 2011

Doctor Who Episode 610 Title Revealed

The BBC Doctor Who site have released a guide to the forthcoming Series 6 episodes, here. And they have included a new title.

Doctor Who 610 is called The Girl Who Waited. Written by Tom MacRae, Directed by Nick Hurran.

And is River Song really Madame Kovarian? Well they hope we think that :)


drwhounreleasedmusic said...

people say river is kovarian because she has an eye patch like she does; but if you look, the guy playing chess also has the eyepatch

Kovarian = Not river

sorry to spoil peoples & the BBC's fun.

Sean said...

Still adds a lot to the mystery though. Is there an eyepatch-wearing cult in the 51st century?

orm said...

Could be a 51st century jail tag? ha.

gerard said...

So river is in the cyberman episode :) notice the background ;) pyramid cybermen tombs :D going to be awesome!

Tenisha said...

That eye patch on River has me baffled!!

newman said...

love it - added to trailer to confuse or was it ....too much to think about, !

liminalD said...

This was my take on the eyepatch:

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the Viking warrior with the eyepatch on is Odin from Norse mythology, that he's an alien of some sort and that both River and Kovarian at different times have worn his eyepatch, which is some techno-thingy to allow the wearer to see everything at once or something (a power commonly attributed to Odin). What leads me to this (admittedly shaky) conclusion? Odin is often depicted as one-eyed, he collects great warriors to dine at his table in Valhalla (in Asgard - the world of the gods - and didn't River say that 'Doctor' has come to mean 'great warrior' throughout the universe?) until Ragnarok (the final battle). Furthermore, in River's first appearance (Silence in the Library) she asked the Doctor whether they'd done the 'picnic at Asgard' yet - this year's series began with a picnic after which the dead Doctor was set out on the lake in a burning boat - a Viking style funeral - and there have also been a number of hints throughout about the existence of different dimensions/universes existing alongside each other. Maybe it's a bit of a stretch, but I don't thinks so :)

Cynthia said...

It's possible that the eyepatch has something to do with being able to remember the Silents (maybe they can only be forgotten in stereo?)

But the thought that irrepressibly keeps coming to mind is: River wears an eye patch now. Eye Patches are cool.