Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Karen Gillan Reveals Doctor Who "Let's Kill Hitler" Hints and Spoilers; Episode 8 Villain

During Comic-Con, Karen Gillan spoke with Zap2it, revealing that she will return for Series 7.

Yesterday the site released more of its interview with the Doctor Who actress. Here are some highlights.

  • "Let's Kill Hitler" pays attention to "the weirdest motherhood ever" between River and Amy.
  • "Motherhood would change any woman, so it's definitely going to be the same for Amy. We're just going to see that relationship really explored between River and Amy... It's not brushed over by any means."
  • "We met [Amy] as a child, we've seen her as a young woman, we've seen her run away in the Tardis, get married and now she's had a child. I would love to see her whole life play out, because we don't normally get that with a companion."
  • "There’s a really interesting villain, and it’s called the [Tessalectar]." Does anyone have another suggested spelling? It seems to be the robot android things seen in the Series 6 trailer.

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