Thursday, 25 August 2011

Doctor Who 608 International Live Feed

Who loves you and who do you love?

So you are outside the UK and want to watch Doctor Who 608 Let's Kill Hitler as it is transmitted? Yes its always a problem, but what can we do about it?

We will be running our usual BBC1 international live feed on Saturday so you can watch it - would you expect anything less from us?

PCJonathan has tested it earlier, and its all sexy and working, so providing there are no spanners thrown into the works (if you recall during one week of Doctor Who series 6 part 1, it had bandwidth problems, but all other weeks where 100%).

We will be providing a download link with a script you need at 6.10 on Saturday, and we will be reminding you of this tomorrow too, so watch this space and remember which site loves you more than the rest :)

While you wait for Saturday, go here, and install the correct version of VLC for your operating system! If you don't understand something, try reading the manual its all there, and is pretty straight-forward :) Our script will make watching it very simple, so don't worry about finding the channel or feed :)


Exlonox said...

Any chance of a BBC America live feed?

rzochoa said...

The episode will be up online by the time the BBC America airing comes on.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the live feed will be up when it's airing in the UK. BBC America won't air it untill about 9PM depends on the time zones.

Combom said...

bbc amerrica is 7 hours behind this, so no, get the download or embedded ver