Saturday, 24 December 2011

Team Comboms 10 Things About The Doctor, the Widow & The Wardrobe

Here are 10 spoilers for The Doctor, the Widow & The Wardrobe, some are a bit more revealing than others, and not stolen either, they are from someone who was at the press screening :) We have decided they belong behind the spoiler tag, click at your own risk, you have been warned :)

- As we know, Reg Arwell (The father) dies, but the Doctor brings him back for the family at the end, Christmas-time will be rewritten - if you don't like spoilers, you really need to stop now, you where warned before you clicked!
- The Wooden King and Queen are not evil, but not good either, they are just defending their land from the harvesters.
- Cyril gets crowned.
- "Merry Christmas Amelia"
- The tree people walk in a very weird way.
- The opening has nothing to do with the full storyline.
- The spacesuit isn't put on backwards, it just ends up that way.
- A Giant robot again?
- This time the snow is snow, not ash!
- The Doctor collects Amy and Rory in the end, preparing for the 2012 season.

Thanx to Skaro for arranging this :)

Heres looking forward to 7pm tomorrow :)

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