Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Watch Doctor Who New Year Weekend

For those who don't have David Tennants Final episodes on DVD, this may interest you;

The Watch TV Channel on 31st December and 1st January have a Doctor Who David Tennant Marathon;

Saturday 31/12/2011
7.30-8.30 am Partners On Crime
8.30-9.30am The Fires Of Pompeii
9.30-10.30 Planet Of The Ood
10.30-11.30 The Sontaran Stratagem
11.30-12.30 The Poison Sky
12.30-13.30 The Doctors Daughter
13.30-14.30 The Unicorn & The Wasp
14.30-15.30 Silence In The Library
15.30-16.30 Forest Of The Dead
16.30-17.30 Midnight
17.30-18.30 Turn Left

Sunday 1/1/2012
1.15-2.10 Tooth and Claw
2.10-2.57 The Impossible Planet
(channel closedown)
6.30-7.15 The Unicorn & The Wasp
7.15-8.10 Silence In The Library
8.10-9.10 Forest Of The Dead
9.10-10.10 Midnight
10.10-11.10 Turn Left
11.10-12.10 The Stolen Earth
12.10-13.30 Journeys End
13.30-14.50 Planet of The Dead
14.50-16.15 The Waters Of Mars
16.15-17.35 The End Of Time Part 1
17.35-18.55 The End Of Time Part 2

and there is a +1 Channel too, so add on 1 hour!


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