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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bumped: Ultimate Matt Smith Episode Poll

This is a rather large post but the excuse is valued; after long discussion I have decided to post a poll, It will be open just under 2 weeks and I would like you to vote for your favorite! Results will be posted nearing the end of January.


Kerrie Stormageddon Rose said...

I LOVE all the episodes so to vote for one is a very hard decision. Although it is a tough one to make, I personally chose The Doctor's Wife due to the combination of everything lovable. Laughter, sadness, epic moments, goodbyes, adventures and most of all a mystery. I mean, that was one hell of an action packed episode and I loved all of it. 

Altogether though, both series, since Mr Moffat and and Mr Matt Smith took over, have been increasingly compelling, keeping me holding on for dear life at the edge of my seat. Wonderful acting, wonderful scripts. WONDERFUL DOCTOR WHO! Just how it should be =D xx

Christopher Alvino said...

I think it's speaks volumes that I look at this run of episodes and say to myself the "weakest" episode is "Curse of the Black Spot," which I personally liked quite a lot! These last two seasons have been nothing short of amazing!

Lynda B said...

There are several, it's hard to choose, but Neil Gaiman's episode a tad better than the others. There are just too many good ones.

Jason said...

I voted for The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon. Just amazing. Introduces the Silence (my new favourite enemy), and the acting was brilliant. Very enjoyable episode.

DoctorBananas said...

So many options to choose from!

I'll just choose Eleventh Hour because of the brilliant script and Smith's entrance.