Monday, 2 January 2012

It Begins (Again And Again And Again) Doctor Who

After a few days off, I'm back with regular posting, I did try to keep up after Christmas, but it was an uphill battle, with little time free here and little news to report on, so here we go, a new year with new who news!

So what will 2012 bring in the Whoniverse? Doctor Who series 7 isn't on our screens until the Autumn, so probably a September start, Sarah Jane Adventures has obviously finished, Torchwood has no current plans to return, Doctor Who Confidential is axed, and we don't like to speak of the Australian K9 series! With the BBC trying to plead poverty, axing popular shows but still making cr*p ones very few people watch, it is unlikely we will see a new Whoniverse spin-off this year :( And they are still trying to close one of my favourite channels, BBC4!

2Entertain are still releasing DVDs, and there is lots of merchandise still arriving on a regular basis, and of course there is filming news, although Moffat tries to keep it as quiet as possible, and we remain BBC shop reviewers.

Team Combom personnel leads a little to be desired, with Combom as main poster, Skaro filling in when possible and PCJonathan busy as always with media, but thats it! We had members join in 2011, but most had problems with more than two posts a day, (I manage 10+ and hold down a job and family), so all have left again to pursue careers and education. The problem is people promise us they have 6-8 hours free a day, but in reality they have only one free hour at best, or are nervous about posting, or can't find new news, or needed babysitting, or had piracy issues, note all people wasn't all things :) but AAAAGH! Do you think you can do better? Maybe we should talk? (we don't expect more than 10 posts a day, but certainly more then 3!) No time-wasters though please, I find myself intolerant of fools!

But fear not, we still manage to bring you a post an hour for 12 hours of the day, especially with my inexhaustible collection of classic who material, sanity and regular news returns! A little of the news today will be what we missed over the last week, but there really isn't much!

I rebuilt my PC this holiday, I now have a 60gig solid state boot HD (which means 12 seconds from turned off to using Windows 7, 4 gig of memory, 6TB hard drive storage, i7 8 core processor, and it makes my old system look like its still turned off :)

Windows Performance Information;
Processor 7.6
RAM 5.9
Graphics 6.4
Gaming Graphics 6.4
HD 7.9

The onboard graphics cause the lower gfx and ram score, but I don't play games, so no need for high there!

And remember, I only need two things. Your submission and your obedience to MY WILL!

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