Wednesday, 25 January 2012

It's official....Doctor Who lost to Downton Abbey at NTA's

It's official guys....for a 2nd year running Doctor Who has lost at the NTA's two years in a row! And it is for that reason that I feel alot of disagreements will occur!

What do you think though?

  • Was it similar to last year, where we had a split because of people voting for 2 things thinking Both might be equal?
  • Is it Moffat's writing? Are people not a fan of it?
  • Did some Doctor Who fans not vote because they feel it no longer what they expect?
  • Or was Maggie Smiths acting just overwhelming?

Is this what you think?

It's a shame that Arthur (Darvill) never got nominated for an Award    - Skaro. :(


Eric said...

Maybe Downton Abbey is just really, really good television?  It happens...

TheDoctorWhoFanSite! said...

The main reason won is because of its sucsess in America. I know that they cant vote in America, but non the less, Its still sucsessfull enough to get shown in America. Period Dramas are open to a wider fan base than Sci-Fi. Thats why it won.

Daniel Hadley said...

...Downton Abby is the easily the drama which has endeared itself most to the people (..crucially the TV watchers) of our great nation, most for some years. 7 years, to be precise....! Since DW returned. It's had a great run of winning this particular award. Personally, I believe it's far from out of the question it could win it again. It's losing out isn't down to something I see DW as NOT doing, so much as something that something else, newer to this particular block, is doing likewise.
 Is DA better than DW......? Of course it isn't..!? ;) It's corny, predictable etc. However, it's also a programme made to a high standard, that looks great and is beautifully performed. Most importantly of all, it shares DW's goal of entertaining, across the demographics. Let's be gracious eh..?
To my mind, as fans we've got so used to DW walking it at the NTA's we may be negating the worth of it's nomination and making that final shortlist. Fandom should remain as proud of DW as ever! Maybe feel smug in the knowledge that since OUR show came back, the UK networks have raised their game considerably in creating and delivering a greater variety of escapist, populist drama which people can watch together as families etc. That, of course , includes Downton there you have it, Downton's success is down to Doctor Who!! Tell the world (or more likely the comedian at work/college/school who takes the **** tomorrow... :D)

englishdictionary96 said...

Why does the problem lie with DW? Downton Abbey seems to be good, but also has a wider fanbase. I'm in America and I was able to vote, so maybe some American fans helped out. Either way, DW should have won. better luck next year!

p m said...

Personally, I don't seem your post to be necessary, Combom. I don't think that any disagreements will occur. After all, both main actor won! that is a huge success. And, do we know what was the difference in votes between  DW and other shows? If that was like, million to hundred, then there is a problem. Until that, I don't really see anything to be sad or upset.

Mike Smith said...

These awards have nothing to do with quality, they are voted for by the public who read Whats On TV magazine and watch Loose Women...if you've read or seen either you'll know why Downton Abbey won!