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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sophia Myles to join TARDIS crew? Doctor Who

An interesting tweet from Steven Moffat earlier this week;

Right EVERYBODY who follows me, go and follow @SophiaMyles - spin that fireplace. NOW. I'll explain later. Or not.
Of course @SophiaMyles = Madame De Pompadour from Who, and IS Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds.


So is this a hint of the next companion? She used to date David Tennant, and even carried a Tennant action figure in her handbag at the time! If she is joining the TARDIS crew, and with Tennant already married to Georgia Moffett, who played the Doctor and his daughter, and eleven travelling with tens old girlfriend, is Doctor Who becoming a soap opera behind the scenes? Or could the Doctor be revisiting Madame De Pompadour?


jamesgrayh said...

I wish she could be and hope she is, but I don't quite think she will be. The Moff and The Pomp would probably be way more careful than to say stuff like that if she genuinely was cast as the next Who girl. They know how the media grab at any morsel of the tiniest hint of info.

Although, like i said, I hope it's true since she's such a brilliant actress!

Erin Bates said...

I saw the comment the other day and thought nothing of it, but this would be great. Myles was wonderful.

Loes Kuijper said...

Myles said on her twitter something about a spin-off yesterday.

Sander Famil said...

I fear it might just be the Moff shouting out to actresss he enjoyed working with;

Lisa Nichols said...

I dunno about companion, but I'd love to see the Doctor revisit Madame du Pompadour. I liked her character, very much.

Wizzer10 said...

Or maybe he is just telling the people that a Who actress is on Twitter and this means bloody nothing because not everything the Moff says is some sort of prophesy to what will happen in Who. You pillocks.

Martin_Kinsella said...

Does this mean her efforts to crack America are a flop and she is crawling back to the UK, tail between her legs ?

Mike Jackson said...

Please let Sophia be the next companion. That would be fantastic!