Friday, 24 February 2012

Doctor Who Clapper Board Analysis - updated

Remember the clapperboard that we posted about the other day? Looking more into it and comparing it with previous series of Doctor Who (Series 5 and 6)

We originally said it had these details:

Doctor Who Series 7
Episode: UNKNOWN (one of episodes 1-4)
Director: Saul Metzstein
Director of Photography: Stephan Pehrsson
Sixth slate used for shot, Take 5
Filmed with "Camera B"

But, after looking at previous clappers I noticed that the part where it says SCENE says "2-5". Now many people would think this means scenes 2-5, but comparing to the previous clappers it (almost certainly) means EPISODE 2, SCENE 5.

If you'd like to compare it to a previous clapper, here is one I managed to get a photo of:

This was for Series 6, episode 13, scene 2.

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