Friday, 17 February 2012

DWM and DWA Magazines Circulation Down Doctor Who

Figures out for Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Adventures show both titles are experiencing a drop in total average net circulation per issue, with the latter falling beneath the 50,000 mark.

In the results, part of the Audit Bureau of Circulations reports for consumer magazines over the period covering July to December 2011, DWM registered a negligible decrease of 0.2 per cent to 30,614 per issue from 30,682 over the preceding six-month period (January to June 2011), while DWA's circulation fell by 3.1 per cent to 48,470 from 50,013.

When compared against the similar period of July to December 2010, however, both publications showed a far more significant drop, with Panini's DWM recording an 8.8 per cent fall from 33,554 and Immediate Media Company's DWA sliding by 14.4 per cent from 56,648.



Whopix said...

I think the figures always take a dip when the show`s off air. Doubt it`s that much for Spilsbury & Co to worry about...

Jason said...

I agree with Whopix, I only buy Doctor Who Magazine when the shows on or if theres an interesting main feature, like the one a few years ago where all of the episodes were put in rank order from a fan vote.