Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Harry Potter Actor appearing on Doctor Who Movie?

Yates - who directed Radcliffe in his final four Harry Potter outings - confirmed the project late last year, revealing that he planned to spend "two to three years" working on taking the BBC series to a "bigger arena".

When asked if he would be interested in playing the iconic role, the Woman in Black & Harry Potter star sought reassurance from his team that the news was "out there".

"I don't know if I could play him," Radcliffe told Digital Spy. "Matt Smith plays Doctor Who and does a wonderful job. They don't need me!"

He continued: "I would never presume to jump into somebody else's franchise, not at all."

Matt Smith
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However, the 22-year-old said that he is confident Yates will "do a wonderful job" with the film, adding: "I'm sure whoever he casts will have a very good time with him."



com bom said...

but its not official, the BBC arent even consulted so far

Anonymous said...

Moffat has already debunked any and all Doctor Who movie rumors saying that even if there was a movie in the works the BBC would be heavily involved and it would not deviate from the cannon of the show meaning whoever was the Doctor in the series would also be the Doctor in the movie.

Lynda B said...

Honestly, I doubt he would play the Doctor. Not saying he couldn't, but his acting range isn't in the same ball park as David Tennant and Matt Smith. Plus he's already so well-known for being Harry Potter that I doubt he'd be recruited for another iconic role like the Doctor. I suppose he could do it, but I'd rather have them choose someone else.