Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Doctor Who Jigsaw - The Eleventh Doctor

Now with more pieces, too hard? Let me know what you think.

preview160 piece
Click on image to start.

And there are a lot more of the same here.


Fran├žoise Duguay said...

Dear Combom,

I sure hope that nothing is wrong with you, not sick or anything, since your Doctor Who's puzzles are the only thing that kept me (somewhat) sane through Ph.D. studies.  «One a day», is what The Doctor ordered.  Thus, they are very appreciated, even if nobody ever comments on these specific posts.  The more pieces, the better!

Take care.

Tamara Worcester said...

 I just found them a couple weeks ago... I started at the beginning and am working through them in order... I'm already at #100, but I thought I'd see how many there were in total and I see that none have been posted for a while.  Just gotta tell ya, I LOVE them!