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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Doctor Who Retro Action Figures

Doctor Who Retro Action Figures seems to be the "in thing" ATM, but is this just a feeble excuse for "poundshop style" figures selling for £15? I was originally attracted to the Character action figure series because of the quality, I just don't see the attraction of these!

See them at Forbidden Planet.


thesnappysneezer said...

I really like these, they have more quality than the main line. My problem with the main lin is they look dead and quite often fail to capture the chaacter and actors. I think it is the way they are made. They need qualified sculptors but they use that laser scan tech which makes toys seem lifeless and souless.

com bom said...

well you cant get any more lifeless and soulless than these, thats for sure, as i said, poundshop figures!

Whopix said...

I`m with Combom; they`re shite

globutl said...

I like the Cyberman but the Tom Baker figure looks like they stuck a wig on a Colin Baker figure.