Monday, 5 March 2012

Doctor Who Series 7 News

DoctorWhoSpoilers have some intersting news about series 7, this is unconfirmed, but probably correct;

...only part of Series Seven will be shown in 2012, with the rest presumably airing in early 2013. But what we’ve been told is that the first five episodes of the series will air in 2012 from mid-November and these episode will act as a swan song for Amy and Rory. The new companion will probably join The Doctor in the Christmas special.

"Fans of the classic series might discover that Christmas was merely the tip of the iceberg." whatever that means!


So it looks like series 7 episode 5 will lead into the Christmas special, which then will continue in episode 6 possibly in January 2013.

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Richard Watts said...

I wonder if the 'tip of the iceberg' comment is a hint at the return of the Ice Warriors?