Monday, 26 March 2012

Download 357 Full HD Screencaps from the Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer here

If you can't make a fart joke here....
This morning saw the trailer that aired at the convention officially released (and in 1080p!) and we posted this earlier. Here is an accompanying set of screencaps that can be used for wallpapers, closeup, etc. I've done 5 a second, just to make sure we get as much as possible without going OTT ( it's slightly OTT anyway.)

Just make sure you credit if you use any!

Download them here.

Or see handpicked frames on Comboms Flickr account here.

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Gustav Griswold said...

Couldn't help but notice, but that dalek eyestalk, it's a periscope! Not an eyestalk, it seems to be attatched to a L-shaped tube, i wonder what that's about :/