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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Round-Up of Today's events Doctor Who

Earlier on Today (21/03/2012) Jenna-Louise Coleman was announced to be playing the next Companion alongside Matt Smith In Series 7. As well as that we also learnt some exciting details for the new series...

  • Series 7 Will be split - 6 Episodes This Year (5 in the Autumn Plus 1 Christmas Special) and 8 episodes in 2013, with more to follow up to the 50th Anniversary 
  • Amy and Rory will depart in episode 5 of Series 7 in a final encounter with the Weeping Angels
  • Jenna-Louise Coleman's Character (yet unnamed) will be introduced in the Christmas Special
  • The Daleks Will be back in the Autumn run of the series 


Jason said...

More Weeping Angels? YES! And by the time the Daleks come back they would have had a what.. 3 year break? Thats awesome. New companion seems like she'll be good too, can't wait for series 7.

Lone Aadnekvam said...

I thought there would be a easter special this year?

dalek1099dw said...

@jason just over 2 years Summer 10-Autumn 12.The Daleks should have appeared in the 11 season,besides a 30 second cameo.They already had a 2 year break Summer 08-Spring 10,before Series 5.They should appear every series.

Stuart Nathan said...

Is that this year's Autumn run (season 7) or next year's (season 8)?