Saturday, 24 March 2012

Torchwood: Miracle Day is Nominated for 4 Saturn Awards

While I have never heard of the Saturn Awards(not a big award show buff) Torchwood has been nominated for four of them! And the award has been around since 1972, so its quite an honor!

While I think its awesome, to some this may come as a surprise(I personally loved Miracle Day) but here are the categories they are nominated for:

-Best Presentation on Television: 10 Episodes or Less

-Best Actress In Television
: Eve Miles

-Best Supporting Actor in Television
: Bill Pullman

-Best Supporting Actress in Television
: Lauren Ambrose

What no John? Ouch. Who knows if they will win, they have tough competition like Fringe and The Walking Dead. The show will be held on June 20, 2012 in Burbank, California. We will let you know if they win then!

For more information about the Saturn Awards go Here or Here

Kinkoman Edit: As a side note, Doctor Who was only nominated for one.... wow, it was nominated for "Best Youth-Oriented Series on TV"....

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