Monday, 9 April 2012

'What do we know of the Moving Angels?'

Now, to get straight to the point, we all know that the Weeping Angels (Series 7, Episode 5) can't move while we are seeing them, but what if the weeping angels we have seen in filming aren't actually weeping angels?

What if they are just statues? They didn't attack Amy and the Doctor when they entered the building titled 'Winter Quay' during filming and didn't move (these were just the statue models though).

On set of filming it has been revealed that will almost certainly get to see the weeping angels move once more, maybe not with people seeing them move but we will almost certainly see it on the TV, as the following image shows.

On this photo that has been taken it is showing a camera, fixing its position onto a (half white) half silver sphere, this is commonly used to show the shadow and the lighting of an object that isn't actually there (that is usually put in with green screen afterwards).

The last time we saw CGI in relation to the weeping angels was at the point in 'The Time of Angels' where Amy was in the forest and the angels were starting to move.

Could we be in for another round of 'moving angels'?

Only time will tell....(or a trailer showing it!)


David Llewellyn said...

Personally I didn't like seeing them move. I thought the fact that they moved when nobody was looking (viewer included) was a brilliant touch that was spoiled in The Time Of Angels.

Jack said...

Hmm, I don't like seeing them move. Contricts the whole 'they turn to stone once you look a them' surely, if that was the case then as soon as Amy closed her eyes they would no longer be stone and know she wasnt looking. It made them out to be shy rather than frozen.