Sunday, 3 June 2012

Doctor Who Actress Karen Gillan talks about 'Summer Heights High'

The BBC Three show, Summer Heights High was admitted to be a favourite show of Karen Gillan's this weekend (and mine too!). She also stated how she would like to star in a show of her own in a similar concept during a talk at the event 'Collectormania' which I attended.

Karen said ''She'd like to be in Stark trek Voyager or Next Generation, she'd also like to wear prosthetics, like a horn...Oh I don't know does anyone watch Summer Heights High? (Only I raise my hand) - Ayyy! One Person (the whole room laughs) Chris Lilly is in it and he plays multiple characters so I'd like to do something like that!''


Jason said...

Haha I remember watching this a few years ago on BBC Three. It was about 1 in the morning and I thought it was real.

oncomingstorm92 said...

I love that show and I'm Aussie and I must say that we're not at all like that lol
PS you spelt Lilley incorrect :)