Wednesday, 15 August 2012

11 facts about Doctor Who Series 7: Asylum of the Daleks

Beware though, some do contain what some people may consider spoilers, but nothing that big that reveals the entire plot of the episode.

Below we have 11 individual facts about Series 7 episode 1, Asylum of the Daleks. These have been taken from various online reviews which are linked below the post.

1. The Dalek home planet, Skaro, is seen on screen for the first time in the new series.

2. The Events of The Wedding of River Song are referenced early on in the story.

3. Rory doesn't clearly hear what a Dalek said, mistaking "Exterminate" for "eggs".

4. The replica Dalek that Russell T Davies had made for his hallway, is now a 'canon' Dalek.

5. The Second appearance of Rory's tiny torch is in this episode!

6. Although they are seen very little, the NPD's (New Paradigm Daleks) have had a slight paint job.

7. "Geronimo", the 11th Doctors catchphrase is said again, but not by The Doctor.

8. Not only do we see the Asylum of the Daleks, we see the 'Parliament of The Daleks'.

9. We get to see a glimpse of a new alien Planet.

10. The Majority of Daleks in this episode are NSD (New Series Daleks).

11. Something else we didn't see happened to one of the Ponds at Demons Run.


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Claude AndPam Parish said...

I only recently noticed that in "Battlefield" Ace shouts "GERONIMO" in one scene. Wonder why I never noticed that before?

Sam Bentley said...

I can swear that Rory used his tiny torch in Night Terrors as well... or it was a normal torch... that was small haha!