Tuesday, 14 August 2012

New Doctor Who Title Change and Image Released

According to Director of Photography Mike Southorn, who worked on episode ten of Series 7, his episode title will be 'The Hider in the House'.

This title now used was firstly rumoured during filming of the episode but then the title 'Phantom of the Hex' was shown on Jessica Raine's online CV.  It now changes again, with Mike Southorn's website updating with 'Dr Who - The Hider In The House' included in his programme list.

Along with the episode title, an image from the episode is pictured showing Matt Smith as The Doctor and Dougray Scott playing a professor.

The Hider in the House is written by Neil Cross and will air in 2013.

1 comment :

Adam Rowlands said...

damn! i loved the title "phantom of the hex" it was nice and reminiscent of the XXX of the XXX format .

plus to me "hider in the house" was a god-awful cbbc show, so this episode just went from "can't wait" to "already cringeworthy" in my estimations :(