Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Unofficial Confirmation of Doctor Who airing 1st September 2012?

Several TV Magazines for the UK have listed on their 'Next Week' section on the final pages of Doctor Who's return. Given that these magazines publish listings for a 1 week schedule this means Doctor Who will be back on 1st September 2012!

There is a chance it could be moved around because they aren't officially 'locked into place' 10 days prior to airing but it would still have a rough schedule by now and these magazines indicate that it is certainly 1st September.

'TV Choice' Scan.

'Whats on TV' Scan
Also to support the claim of the 1st September release date is:

  • The BBC America Advert being pulled (Gave a date as 8th September, It could be wrong, or it could be the America's release only)
  • There is an available slot which the BBC Are to 'Officially' confirm belongs to Doctor Who on 1st September.
  • More than 3 official Television (not pictures) Magazines give the date of Doctor Who as airing 'Next Week' which is 1st September.


Mike Lynch said...

Some site called Fanboyplanet.com is tweeting that the US BBC America premiere is Sept 8th. No announcement of an actual date on BBC America site.

bbird said...

BBC America has its schedule for September 1st up on their website, and there is no "Asylum of the Daleks," but they are having an all-day marathon of Series 6, probably in preparation for the following weekend's premiere. September 1-3 is Labor Day weekend in the US, so they probably likely do not want to premiere something while a lot of the TV audience isn't at home to watch. I think the real question is whether the BBC will stick to the 1st, or wait a week to line up with BBCA. I know with season 6 they made a big deal about same-day airings to discourage piracy.

dalek1099dw said...

this was confirmed at the launch?

dalek1099dw said...


Tom Shearsmith said...

No. It wasn't.

Tom Shearsmith said...

I thought about that, but the main error with that working with this series is its not that much American based like the last series, thats why it was so big when launched on the same day.

Jarrod Daniel said...

Digiguide, the advanced listings show Doctor Who airing from 7:20pm until 8:10pm on September 1st 2012.

Just something interesting.