Saturday, 1 September 2012

Doctor Who Series 7 Title Sequence - Asylum Of The Daleks


riftmaster said...

There is just one thing to say: AAAAHHHHHH!
The color grading is awful, far too much contrast and saturation, to the point where the values started clipping.
Dont even get me started on the transitions of the names - It looks like a child used Windows Movie Maker to make them. I do hope this wasn't the work of Framestore - They did such a good job last time. :(

Adam said...

Reminds me of the Trial Of A Timelord opening sequence. I wonder why they did it? Its not better - maybe worse - and adds nothing.

Anonymous said...

Have to say I was thoroughly disappointed with the title sequence revamp - was expecting so much more based on reviews that it was a "sparkly new revamp" - nothing of the sort, looked like some 5 year old took clean title sequence and used their own free web overlay to add the names which weren't synced with the music and sound fx and were so plain it looked like it had been left on the default plain font! A d anyone notice how blurry and dark and improperly scaled it was at the. Very beginning? Like it was filmed playing on an old cathode tube tv! Really hope they fix them, and does the BBC really need to be part of the logo title? Looks terrible!

On the plus, the episode itself was very good, perhaps not as great as the hype suggested which is always the case, but very good all the same and easily the best opener after Pertners in Crime and Rose.

Matthew Bagnall said...

Wow, this was a really weak title sequence. Personally they should have just had an opening sweep of Skaro being the opening title sequence, would have been much better.