Saturday, 29 September 2012

What to Expect From Us and How To Stay Up to Date - The Angels Take Manhattan

The Angels Take Manhattan is on TODAY at 7:20pm on BBC One and BBC One HD in the UK. But What can you expect from us? 

  • Livestream of episode links
  • Download links SD & HD - Hosted
  • Streaming link to DWM - SD & HD
  • Christmas Special Trailer (again, in HD)
  • Extra videos from website Including 'The Last Day of the Ponds' 12 minute special
  • Unreleased music (This won't be instant, it takes a while)
  • Review of following episode (this may be delayed till midnight or later)
  • DVD competition with review
  • Subtitles (We'll post english very quickly, but other languages may take longer)
  • 1080p Screenshots of episode (again, won't be instant, these take a while to process/upload)
  • Edit by Skaro: and a lot of tears from me...

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Monica said...

Thanks for everything guys

James said...

everything else is okay, but i haven't seen any screenshots of the rest of the series yet? have i just missed them?

A Police Box said...

Sorry about this, will hopefully have screen shots of all the episodes after the series.

A Police Box said...

No problem, and Thank you for coming to combom!

James said...

okay, thanks, just that they were promised and they hadn't yet gone up, at least we know they're coming