Friday, 7 December 2012

British Television Viewers 'Most Proud' of Doctor Who

A Poll was recently carried out to the public to determine what television show the nation feel most proud of, and guess WHO topped it?

In a year with the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympic Games, it's been a proud few months for the United Kingdom. Add Doctor Who to the list for the TV show the nation takes most pride in and you have quite a good mix. Matt Smith and the team came out on top with a result of 48% of the votes with Downtown Abbey on ITV1 coming in second with 44%. And these shows don't just stop at Britain, they are both hugely popular worldwide.

Elsewhere Coronation Street won for the soaps with 34, and the BBC's Eastenders gaining 24% of the total who took the poll. Plusnet, a home phone and broadband provider, carried out the poll questioning 2,000 people across the UK. The CEO of Plusnet, Jamie Ford said:  "It has been fascinating to see the results of this survey and see exactly what it is that makes Britain proud."


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