Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Doctor Who Becomes The Face of Birdeye's Fish Fingers for 2013

Tomorrow we will celebrate National Fish Fingers and Custard Day (yes, it is most definitely real) which become a classic immediately after the strange combination was thought up by Steven Moffat for Matt Smith's debut episode, The Eleventh Hour. Now to celebrate the day, together with the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, Birdseye (the UK food company) will be replacing their mascot Captain Birdseye for The Doctor himself on their Fish Finger packets!

"Birdseye has replaced its long standing brand mascot Captain Birdseye with the 11th Doctor Matt Smith as part anniversary celebrations for Doctor Who.
The bespoke packaging featuring The Doctor was developed for National Fish Finger and Custard Day (a combination made famous by writer Steven Moffat in Matt Smith’s debut episode The 11th Hour) and sent to Smith, who has received a year’s supply of Fish Fingers, although the press release fails to mention whether they have sent any custard alongside.
The packaging is being promoted by Mischief PR, which picked up the consolidated communications activity for Birdseye earlier this month, including social media activity."
So wherever you are, get ready to celebrate National Fish Fingers and Custard Day 2013, tomorrow!

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Paul Weimer said...

I thought this was an April Fool's story, somehow...