Thursday, 6 June 2013

Big Finish on SoundCloud

Just for everyone's reference, Big Finish is on SoundCloud now. There's quite a lot of goodies on offer; they're mirrored at the main Big Finish site, but here the free samples are all neatly organised for your convenience. The main Doctor Who stream has both trailers and sample Doctor Who audios.

If you just want to dip into a few complete Doctor Who audios, you can listen to those here. It's a pleasingly eclectic selection. "Cuddlesome" is a Fifth Doctor-era audio with suspiciously sweet cuddly toys, starring an original companion and several actors you'll know from the TV series. "UNIT: The Coup" was the pilot for the UNIT audio drama series, and stars Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier, fighting off an entirely new kind of alien interference. "Rise and Fall", read by William Russell, is a First Doctor story from Big Finish's first Short Trip open-submission audios and offers clever temporal plotting galore. "The Mutant Phase" is another Fifth Doctor story, this time with Nyssa, with all too familiar aliens (and Mark Gatiss to boot). "Silver Lining" offers a Bernice Summerfield stand-alone, a spooky two-hander with Nicholas Briggs. We have a multi-era story with "The Veiled Leopard", starring two tv companions, two audio companions, and a mystery diamond macguffin. "Urgent Calls" kicks off the multi-Doctor story arc "Virus Strand", but this entry about the Sixth Doctor taking time out to be help, cheer and give advice on DJ call-in contests stands alone. Finally, "Mission of the Viyrans" features Peter Davison and Nicola Bryant going up against a horror that seems to be turning everyone in the universe into a copy of Peri...

There are podcasts as well, though only a few sample ones; it's better to listen to those at the full archive back on the Big Finish site. There's trailers for Dark Shadows, a non-Doctor Who property, so perhaps Big Finish will use the site for their other franchises in good time. Undoubtedly there'll be more updates to come, so it'll be worth being on the lookout.

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