Thursday, 20 June 2013

Davros returns!

Big Finish have revealed that September' release in their Doctor Who main range, Daleks Among Us, will see the return of Davros - the much loved (and hated) creator of the Daleks. Davros will once again be voiced by Terry Molloy, who originally provided the voice for the character in the television series during the 1980s.

Daleks Among Us concludes this year's Seventh Doctor trilogy, which begins in July with Persuasion, and continues in August with Starlight Robbery, which sees the return of the Sontarans. Each of these releases are available for pre-order, priced at £15.99 on CD, and £12.99 on download.


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Kevin Fisher said...

I love Malloy's work, especially in Big Finish. He's gone well beyond the shouty Davros of the 80's. "Davros" with Malloy and Colin Baker is one of the finest BF audios I've heard. Pity the 2005-and-beyond series has done so little with Davros. Julian Bleach did well with the role but RTD didn't go anywhere at all with Davros. ("Reality Bomb?" Give me a break...)