Friday, 28 June 2013

Edinburgh Fringe play asks, "Who Are You Supposed To Be?"

A play opening at the Edinburgh Fringe festival this summer is posing some interesting questions and it's using Doctor Who, and other pop culture icons, to do so.  The play, entitled, Who Are You Supposed To Be, has already sparked interest due to the topical past-time of one of its lead characters.  Ash, played by Jennifer Lusk  (opposite Cameron K. McEwan of Blogtor Who fame) is a girl who likes to dress up as the Doctor.  When the question, 'Should the Doctor be a woman?' is being asked more than ever, it seems that writer, Keith Gow, couldn't have picked a better time to debut this script.  Speaking to the Edinburgh Reporter, he said,
"Once Matt Smith and the BBC had made their official announcement, the first thing declared by the tabloids is that he would be replaced by a woman ... And the online discussions quickly mirrored the conflict in the play.  Jen's character likes to dress up as the Doctor. Cameron’s character doesn't want a woman, because of tradition."
This is more than a play about what's got everyone talking in Who fandom at the moment, however.  At its heart it's a love story: a tale about anxiety and how we deal with awkward situations.  As the synopsis says:
The classic tale of a boy in a TARDIS t-shirt standing in front of a girl dressed as the Fifth Doctor, asking her to love him... and a girl demanding to know why she can’t be the Doctor or Han Solo or Captain Reynolds. They’d be star-crossed lovers (Wars and Trek, obviously) but they have so much in common - surely they can find the time and space to fall in love? This is a story about wanting to feel safe, to be appreciated and how far we’ll go to find people like us.
Who Are You Supposed To Be is running at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 14th to 16th August, tickets are priced at £9.50 for adults, £7.50 for concessions and £5.50 for children and you can book them here.  More information about the play can be found at the website of the production company, Binka Boo Productions.


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