Saturday, 8 June 2013

Iris Wildthyme series four pre-order freebies!

August sees the release of the fourth season Doctor Who's kinkiest spin-off: Iris Wildthyme. This latest season of audio drama "sees Iris and Panda facing spectral party-poopers, alien bullies intent on invading the World Dart Championships and a brain itch that threatens the very fabric of time and space."

If the announcment of this fantastic series wasn't good enough for you, Big Finish have teamed up with Obverse Books -publisher of the Iris Wildthyme short story collections- to provide a free ebook with every pre-order of Iris Wildthyme season four. The ebook features four short stories from Obverse Books' Iris Wildthyme short story collections, and they picked nothing but their best!

Iris Wildthyme series four is currently available for the pre-order price of £25 on CD, and £20 for a download copy. Those who pre-order the series now will receive their free ebook immediately, due to its publication in early March.


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