Monday, 17 June 2013

Rachel Mead Talks 'Something Borrowed'

As already reported, part of the BBC's 50th Anniversary celebrations for Doctor Who is the release of a series of short stories featuring each of the Doctor's incarnations so far.  Published one a month as ebooks, each tale is written by a different children's author.  Since we're up to the sixth month of the year, Colin Baker's Doctor is about to take his turn in Something Borrowed, written by Rachel Mead, the author of the Vampire Academy series.

In the BBC Worldwide video above Mead talks about why she wanted to write a Doctor Who short story, her inspirations for the tale and why she particularly wanted to write about the Sixth Doctor.  She also talks Pterodactyls, Elvis-style weddings and teases a familiar villain.  Something Borrowed is available to order now from Amazon and is released on 23 June.  A complete compilation of all eleven stories will be released on 23 November.

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