Friday, 26 July 2013

50th Anniversary to be Simulcast Worldwide?

According to The Sun (i.e. take it with a pinch of salt!), the 50th anniversary will be simulcast worldwide to avoid spoilers leaking.

This means that almost everyone everywhere will watch it at the same time. They also quote 8pm GMT as the broadcast time, and using this they show that it would air at noon for west coast fans and 7am the following day in Sydney.

The 50th Anniversary is also being shown in Cinemas, although it is unknown whether these are to match the simulcast, shown at regular intervals like other films or both.

It is also reported that it has been sold to 200 countries, which is expected to give it more than 100 million viewers in total, making it the biggest ever global drama simulcast.

One of The Sun's famous "insiders" said “The 50th anniversary special is a massive deal for fans around the world who were petrified the secrets would leak online the moment it aired in Britain.”

A BBC Worldwide spokesman said: "It's always been our ambition to work with our broadcast partners so that international Doctor Who fans can enjoy the 50th Anniversary special at the same time as the UK.
"We'll have more details soon about our very exciting global plans for November."


shadow said...

I feel like no one cares that much to necessitate a worldwide simulcast... Just don't go on twitter for a few hours ya know? But I guess AU gets it a day later?

Kicktar said...

AU gets it a day late just as much as they are a day later all the time. It's already tomorrow for them, one o'clock PM to be precise.

©ⓤⓛⓣ_ⓞⓕ_ⓜⓡ_ⓑⓔⓐⓝ said...

There are only 196 countries in the world, and I can't see them broadcasting to North Korea or Vatican City...