Saturday, 20 July 2013

Andrew Cartmel Intends to Reissue Doctor Who Books

Fun fact of the day, Andrew Cartmel's hoping to rerelease his two factual books on Doctor Who, Through Time and Script Doctor. The relevant conversation is on his Twitter feed. As re Through Time: "We are actually thinking of releasing a new edition this year". He followed it up with a comment suggesting he might handle Script Doctor himself: "A lot of demand for Script Doctor now it is out of print so I want an e-book (+ print on demand) for it soon". (The two books are from different publishers; the former was published by Bloomsbury Academic while the latter was Reynolds & Hearn, who stopped publishing in 2010. Hence the need for an alternative distribution method.) Cartmel's main writing blog is here (although he doesn't talk about Doctor Who on it), and David Bishop did a lovely making-of interview with him for New Zealand fanzine TSV, so that's worth checking out if you're interested in the Seventh Doctor's script editor.

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