Tuesday, 30 July 2013

BBC Worldwide Fix Doctor Who Series Seven UK DVD/BD Issues

After the controversy from the previous DVD/BD announcement, the BBC have rectified a couple of issues with the release.

Firstly, the cover initially released gave the impression that there were only 3 discs in the set. This has now been rectified and the release will feature 5 discs, which now matches the number of discs used for the vanilla releases, although there will still be the extra content on the discs..

Secondly, The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe WILL now be on the boxset, alongside its prequel.

However the release dates have not changed and the UK release is still over a month after the USA release. And it doesn't help that the USA release is getting a few extras that the UK release are currently showing no signs of such as a Nerdist interview, INFORARIUM and "Clara and the TARDIS".

There are signs of additional features being on the UK boxset, however, such as "Rain Gods" (a supposed prequel to The Doctor's Wife), "Creating Clara" and the "Good As Gold" Blue Peter short.

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gbollard said...

Glad that they at least seem to be listening to feedback on the Internet.