Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Daleks in Ambridge

Random DW goodie from the archives; a 2006 crossover between Doctor Who and The Archers. No, honestly, you can listen to it and everything on the BBC Norfolk website. It appears to have been a project to teach students about how to write and create a radio drama from scratch...

"Actor Terry Molloy, who played the Daleks' creator Davros in the classic series of Doctor Who and stars as Mike Tucker [not to be confused with the special effects wizard and Doctor Who novelist] in The Archers, took charge of the workshop and taught those involved just what it takes to create an audio drama. The story combines both of Terry's fictional worlds. The Daleks plan to hold an illegal rave in Ambridge, the fictional home of The Archers, much to the annoyance of the parish council. The Doctor and his assistant Daffodil investigates, but will it end in an extermination at the village hall?"

"I've crammed in so much, a vast amount of things," said workshop boss Terry Molloy. "They've put together scripts, the characters and recorded it as well. It's been a brilliant experience - I'll never look at Ambridge the same light ever again. We've talked about how scenes are put together, the technical aspects of that, we've been doing our own sound effects and exploring the techniques of how you actually act on radio," he added."

Which is all very well and good, but again. Daleks. Ambridge. Worth listening to for the sheer weirdness quality of it all, though.

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