Monday, 29 July 2013

Radio Times Exhibit with "exclusive Doctor Who display"

The Museum of London is going to have a free exhibition entitled "Cover Story: Radio Times" in honour of the Radio Times' 90 anniversary, starting 2 August until 3 November. It'll have lots of covers, original artwork from throughout the magazine's history, and a general potted history of the way the Radio Times has chronicled British life and broadcasting for nearly a century. For Doctor Who fans, "The exhibition also features an exclusive Doctor Who display including [a] genuine life-size Dalek against a backdrop of Westminster Bridge. This recreates the 2005 “Vote Dalek” Radio Times cover which was voted most iconic cover of all time in the Periodical Publishers Association's Great Cover Debate in 2008." Naturally the Radio Times has quite a thorough article on the exhibition. Doctor Who News adds the detail that visitors will be able to pose by the Dalek for photo ops, and the Guardian adds the factoid that "Doctor Who has now been the subject of more front cover features on the Radio Times than even the monarch during the listings magazine's 90 years."

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